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It's time for #FediPixels #FediPixels2 !

Main prompt: Beyond The Wall

Optional extra prompts (you can use none, some, or all of these):

Color: Green
Palette: Vine's Flexible Color Ramps
Canvas: 128x128
Pixel Ratio: Square
Animation: 3 frames
Type: Background

These weekly pixel challenges are open to anyone on any instance - just remember to tag your entries with the above tags :D

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16. Write something about yourself in your profile and add a picture. You don't have to use a real name or photo, call yourself whatever you want and use any picture you want.

17. Write an introductory post about yourself and give it the hashtag #Introductions, so that people can say hello to you

18. Make sure you use hashtags in public posts so they can be discovered more easily. Most searches on Mastodon depend on hashtags.

19. Posts on Mastodon are also known as "toots" (because that's the noise an elephant makes, and the Mastodon is an ancient ancestor of the elephant 🐘 ), while retweets here are "boosts".

20. Another good beginner's guide is @noelle's "Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon" at

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@narfz0g One way to find people to follow is to search hashtags or watch the "local" timeline of your instance (yours looks "interest-related" by the name)

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Celebrating 5 years of Decentralized Art Shows! WAGMI